Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars


An ode to America, we created six different kinds of chocolate bars that are inspired by the different regions in the United States. Each bar is different and, when possible, the major ingredients used in the chocolate bars are sourced from the given regions.

  • Southwest Bar - cinnamon, orange, and chili powder in dark chocolate

  • South Bar - smoked bacon toffee in milk chocolate

  • Midwest Bar - Michigan cherries and walnuts in dark chocolate

  • Great Plains Bar - salted sourdough breadcrumbs in dark chocolate

  • Northwest Bar - chai tea in milk chocolate

  • Northeast Bar - maple pecan toffee in dark chocolate

Southwest Bar:
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Northeast Bar: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, maple syrup, butter, pecans, salt. Midwest Bar: dark chocolate, dried cherries, walnuts. Northwest Bar: milk chocolate, chai tea. Southwest Bar: dark chocolate, New Mexico chili, ancho chili, cinnamon, orange oil. Great Plains Bar: dark chocolate, bread crumbs, butter, salt. South Bar: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, sugar, natural liquid smoke, bacon