Fleurir Chocolates is an artisan chocolate shop based in Alexandria, Virginia.

All Natural

All natural, no preservatives, never frozen. Fresh, high-quality, natural ingredients. Boom.

100% Delicious

Our products are so, so good. Fleurir continues to make each piece of chocolate in small batches, by hand to ensure a clean, balanced and awesomely delicious flavor in every piece.

Breathtakingly Beautiful

Also, they are super pretty. Uber stylish. By combining classic techniques with a strong design perspective, Fleurir Chocolates creates a chocolate that is as exciting to look at as it is to eat.

Who Are We?

Wizards? Aliens from a planet made of chocolate and inhabited by incredibly good looking chefs extraordinaire? Nah, we're just folks.

  • Robert Ludlow, co-owner & chocolatier. After graduating valedictorian with Le Grand Diplome from Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Australia, Robert returned stateside and went to work in some fancy-pants kitchens. In early 2009, unimpressed by the rockstar lifestyle, our hero changed course and decided to launch his own business making the finest chocolates in THE WORLD! You're welcome, world.

These are the best gosh darn chocolates you will ever have the pleasure of eating! Having experienced their culinary glory, I can now die happy.
— Someone Somewhere. Possibly.