About Us




Robert Ludlow is the mad genius behind Fleurir Chocolates- not mad as in angry, but mad as in wildly creative and remarkably disorganized. After graduating valedictorian with Le Grand Diplome from Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Australia, Robert followed his heart to central Virginia to be with his one true love- the most intelligent, beautiful, charming, and charismatic woman in the world, Ashley Hubbard, during her final year in college (it sounds like he wrote it thus far, right?). And after spending a couple of years as a cuisine chef, Robert was ready for better hours and a stable work environment. Consequently, he found a job at one of the best artisan chocolate shops in the nation, Gearhart's Fine Chocolates, where he mastered his craft under the guidance of Tim Gearhart. After a random year in Charleston, SC, Robert and Asley headed to DC* to make the finest gosh darn artisan chocolates in THE WORLD!

Let's get real, Ashley is the real captain of this ship... just kidding! Ashley only works part-time for the shop these days and spends most of those hours posting nonsense on Fleurir's facebook page and creating grammatically incorrect text for new packaging.

Steve Ludlow. As CEO and financier of Fleurir Chocolates, Steve Ludlow can make a mean line graph. As the business savvy member of the group, he is part Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid and part Bill Gates from real life- Fleurir Chocolates would be nowhere without him.

As CFO of Fleurir Chocolates, Janet Ludlow has mastered the art of Virginia and DC tax code. She also writes our checks, which makes her not only the most important member of the team, but also the coolest cat around and my personal favorite person ever (and if that's not enough, she recently finished writing an epic sci-fi novel).

*and experienced five years of housing sticker shock, so they moved to Springfield-that's right, we live OUTSIDE the beltway now.

Team Fleurir


After years of running the kitchen as a one man show, Robert decided it was time to bring in an assistant chocolatier. Matt Pellerito, aka "The Professional," joined Fleurir in 2013 right before the holiday season because we believe in baptism by fire. Matt was living the traditional chef-life while working at Komi, and then we lured him in with daytime hours and a bottomless supply of chocolatey goodness. 


Robert and Ashley's BFF and onetime roommate, Shana Oltmans--aka Shana Guacamole--joined Team Fleurir after finishing GWU's Museum Studies graduate program. Nowadays, she helps us out parttime while working at the Spy Museum and the White House Historical Association. Also, her hair is like spun gold.


Where would Robert and Matt be without master-knitter, Michelle Whittaker? Granted, she's not in town very often, but when she is THINGS. GET. DONE. Also, she knit a baby Groot which is amazing.